Optus have become the second mobile network to launch 5G in Australia (after Telstra). The Optus 5G network had been testing at 50 sites around Sydney and Melbourne and went live this week with around 300 sites live. The company aims to have 1200 sites going by March 2020, but currently its 5G service is available to 138,000 homes.

Speeds are faster than the service widely available on the National Broadband Network.

“The reality today in Australia, is that there are large numbers of homes that want faster broadband, despite the National Broadband Network,” Optus CEO Allen Lew said.

4K streaming should be available on the network from June 2020, with Optus collaboration with Amazon, Netflix, and Stan to provide optimised streaming. Lew also assured soccer fans that high definition streaming would be available in time for Euro 2020 and next season’s Champion League and Premier League competitions.

“We expect significant 5G customer growth as our 5G network expands and delivers customers a game-changing, world-leading experience on their 5G home and 5G mobile devices,” Lew said.

Unlimited data plans begin at $70 a month for Optus 5G, which had about 200 customers in its trial phases before commercial release.