Luxury homes don’t have to sacrifice comfort for sustainability

The luxury homes of today don’t only have the latest tech and creature comforts, though they have those in spades. Green is the new luxury, and state-of-the-art homes now come with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. These are a few of the standalone homes and developments leading the way.


The temperature stays an ambient 23 degrees Celsius year-round even with a 90% reduction in energy costs compared to the average home thanks to triple-glazed windows, high-performance ventilation and insulation, and an airtight membrane. Luxury home specialist Joe Adsett Architects brought a level of elegance not often seen in Passive House designs. Most materials that went into construction of the Brisbane home were recycled and the home operates on renewable energy generated right next door. “The market is changing dramatically to respond to demands climate change and other developments are making on us,” consultant John Moynihan of Ecolateral said. “Vanquish is without a question at the leading edge of that.”

Hunters Point Pearl Homes & Marina

Each luxury home in this Florida development comes with Google Home smart features from lighting and temperature control to irrigation and security. They are LEED certified and use Sonnen’s energy management and storage capabilities to self-generate 98% of daily energy use. “The Hunters Point lifestyle is about respecting the Earth without compromising quality. It’s about combining modern luxury with cutting-edge technology,” the planners vow. Open floor plans allow for an easy flow in a climate where doors and windows can be left open most days, and each home comes with an electric vehicle charging station and Energy Star appliances by GE.

Whisper Valley

Keeping Austin, Texas, weird includes an EcoSmart lifestyle in this community with zero-energy capable homes powered by a geothermal loop field and solar panels. Nest smart home technology and BOSCH efficient appliances keep use to a minimum, and each home is equipped with Google Fiber high-speed internet. Community gardens will help residents make a connection with their neighbors and more than 600 acres of green space will help them commune with nature. Some nice tax credits make Whisper Valley’s sustainable luxury homes surprisingly affordable as they create “a better way to live.”


Conveniently located near Orange County airport and the Irvine Business Complex, this Meritage Homes project is Southern California’s first zero net energy townhome community. Low-emittance windows keep energy from escaping the homes while letting abundant natural light in. A community solar grid shares power with the whole neighborhood so each residence can achieve net zero energy use, saving owners around US$65,000 over the course of their mortgage. In September, Meritage became the first national builder to be Indoor airPLUS qualified across the US, and each new home comes with MERV 13 filters that reduce bacteria and viral particles.

Casa de Luz

You can rent this luxury home along Playa Langosta in Costa Rica. Solar panels and a power plant provide electricity for the 7,200-square-foot home on the Pacific coast that features an infinity pool, tropical gardens, and tide pools. Ozone pool and laundry systems drastically reduce chemical use, LED lighting minimizes energy use, and low-level outside lighting prevents the sea turtles from mistaking it for moonlight and going the wrong way on the beach. In an ecotourism mecca, Casa de Luz stands out as a sustainability gem.

The Riverhouse

Yes, sustainable luxury living is possible even in Manhattan, where this condo building has achieved LEED Gold status. Each unit features energy-saving appliances such as Thermador ranges, and the cabinets are made from sustainably sourced teak. Rooftop green space reduces runoff and photovoltaic panels capture sun energy. Wastewater is recycled through the cooling tower and irrigation system. Even when residents step out, they can do so 24/7 with an eco-luxury car service.


“They say that if you want to change the world, you should start in your own backyard,” Serenbe proclaims. The development just 30 minutes outside Atlanta makes good on that, with an entire community focused on wellness. A 25-acre organic farm drives the CSA program, and the landscaping along paths is edible. Serenbe has been honored as EarthCraft development of the year and won the Urban Land Institute’s inaugural sustainability award. Luxury homes in the community facilitate geothermal and solar energy, with net zero capabilities.

Green Luxury Homes

There’s no more fitting builder to include in an overview of green luxury homes than this aptly named Virginia company. Each customized home is LEED-certified to lower operating costs, conserve water and energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This often qualifies builds for tax incentives and increases resale value. “A common misconception with green technology is that one must sacrifice luxury for efficiency and vice versa, but we have found that this is not the case,” Green Luxury Homes maintains. We couldn’t agree more