Over two days this week, CSIRO’s Data61 has been holding court at Sydney’s Carriageworks in the free forum and exhibition D61+ LIVE. The theme is “amplify your intelligence” and features speakers and panels on topics in data, science, and tech. 

On the slate for Thursday is Prof Genevieve Bell of 3A Institute giving the keynote address on taking AI safely to scale with insight into how the institute and Australian National University created a cyber-physical systems curriculum, becoming the first significant academic institution worldwide to do so. At the same time, former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy will share what astronauts can teach about perspective.

Other programs will highlight the latest developments in robotics and autonomous systems and how to design new technologies with user experience in mind. Going back to space, a panel discussion will evaluate the democratisation of space and the future of space exploration. Sarah Pearce of CSIRO, Adam Gilmour of Gilmour Space Technologies, Anastasia Volkova of FluroSat, and Anny Dailey of the Australian Space Agency comprise the panel. The research stage will have a discussion on the latest in blockchain at 11:30, whilst at 11:45 there will be a panel on how to capitalise on the robot revolution and how to prepare for the future of work.

The afternoon will see Data61’s Ben Sorensen, June Andronick, and Surya Nepal talk cybersecurity and a panel on where the world is headed between now and 2040. AI features prominently in the last sessions, with the Gradient Institute’s Lachlan McCalman giving a master class from 1:45-3:45 on building ethical AI systems and panel discussion on the big ideas stage from 2:30-3:30 on the use of AI for environmental and social good.

Wednesday’s opening of proceedings saw Data61’s Dr Sue Keay — VENTURE’s October cover feature — give an address on the age of data and Australia’s $315 billion digital opportunity. Keay will also be on the robot revolution panel on the big ideas stage.