With finding coworking environments becoming one of the “must do” things for startups and businesses of all sizes, finding the right space can be a daunting task. Mariska Folley, founder and managing director of @WORKSPACES, notes that choosing to conduct your business in a coworking space can be one of the best decisions you make however, it needs to be the right kind of coworking space.

“If it suits your business right now, and where you want your business to be in a few years, then that’s your ideal coworking space,” she said.

Australia’s leading premium coworking and private office brand @WORKSPACES is at the forefront of coworking spaces and private office workspaces, built for people and businesses across all sectors of the business community. @WORKSPACES is committed to creating the ideal space for everyone that appreciates quality, premium services and scalable solutions.

With coworking spaces popping up everywhere, it has become quite a cluttered market with many operators still learning and not yet fully understanding the complex and unique needs of the sector.

For this reason, Folley strongly recommends doing your research and has put together a list of the things people should look for most in a coworking space.

  1. Atmosphere: The atmosphere of a coworking space is possibly the most important issue to consider. Anyone in a coworking environment spends many hours there, so the ideal coworking space must feel like a second home.
  2. Noise levels:  Setting an ideal level of noise from chatter and music affects the productivity of everyone working in a defined space. This is a matter of preference, and it works differently for every person in the coworking space. Make sure you view the space and consider this.
  3. Sense of community: Coworking spaces are small yet diverse communities. Great coworking spaces hold scheduled community events, including but not limited to happy hours, workshops, presentations, networking events, and more.
  4. Seating options: Having different seating options allow a coworking space to accommodate different types of people and needs. These include huge community tables, individual desks, or even standing desks.
  5. Meeting rooms: Meeting rooms are important, whether they are offered either as part of the overall package or for additional pay or via membership. People need these spaces to meet clients, have team meets or make video calls.
  6. Private areas for calls: Privacy is important in coworking spaces, especially when it comes to making or taking phone calls. Private areas are important for this as well as managing noise levels
  7. Awesome hosts: Coworking environments must have personality to create a sense of harmony and belonging for everyone in the coworking and private office space. A host or community curator can help cultivate the community into one coherent unit. An awesome host is essential.
  8. Location and amenities: The location of a coworking space matters. Being near busy areas like train stations, good restaurants, the library, a park, or generally somewhere accessible is important for transport, lifestyle, and socialising. 
  9. WiFi: Having access to a fast and reliable WiFi connection is essential. This is especially important to people who download files and work with VoIP as well. 
  10. Good kitchen: As a second home, coworking spaces must have a functional kitchen where people can heat or prepare their meals and form an even closer bond as a community. It is also where people can get their coffee, something essential to any coworking space. 
  11. Health and wellness: People need access to gyms, fitness centres, and recreational outlets. Being close to a park is also important. 
  12. End of trip facilities: Whether you ride to work, exercise, or take an easy stroll around the park at lunch time, you need good end of trip facilities where you can shower and also store items in a secure locker. 

“The ideal coworking space doesn’t depend on how spruced up your place is, the connection and satisfaction of the community is the most important factor,” Folley said.

@WORKSPACES is a premium service provider of coworking and private office workspaces that are strategically located near fitness centres, parks, and dining and shopping precincts, so business clients are able to maintain a healthy work/life balance, and not fall into the sedentary lifestyle associated with traditional offices.

@WORKSPACES provides businesses with tailored coworking spaces or office workspaces inclusive of access to conference rooms for meetings, break-out areas, kitchen facilities, quiet spaces, and areas for collaborative work.