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A novel approach to one-size-fits-all moves SMLXL leagues ahead of the competition

smlxl projects, the venture magazineSMLXL is breaking the mold of the traditional construction enterprise. The novel Sydney-based startup has aced over 130 projects in its three-year existence, presenting the establishment with fresh, fun, and very lucrative environments for its clients.

SMLXL specialises in design, construction, fit-out, and refurbishment. Founded on the belief that today’s needs and challenges require a new, more agile approach to the built environment, SMLXL creates workplace, hospitality, retail, and commercial new builds and fit-outs of all shapes, sizes, and levels of project complexity.

SMLXL’s efforts sparked a year-on-year growth rate of approximately 130 per cent; they currently earn roughly $20 million in annual revenues. With teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, SMLXL partners with clients to deliver cost-effective design and construction projects on their schedules, no matter how demanding.

According to Dean Ossip, company co-founder and Managing Director, the blockbuster growth comes from “repeat business from satisfied clients, investing in our people, and by being a systemized, process based business who are constantly challenging the built environment.” The business world is sitting up and taking notice, as evidenced by SMLXL’s 11th ranking on the prestigious Australian Financial Review’s “Fast Starters 2018 List.”

“In a world that increasingly demands fast, lean, and agile operation from businesses, we are looking to deliver on that need and defy expectations of construction projects being slow, costly, and cumbersome by delivering affordable, ultra-fast, and detail-oriented construction, build and fit-out projects that are tailored precisely to client needs – be they small, medium, large – or extra-large,” he said.

Be Nimble, Be Quick, Be Amazing

smlxl projects, the venture magazine“Our mantra is to be agile and very innovative,” Ossip stated. “We want to make sure the vision for each project is big, but that we also ensure we maintain an astute eye for detail. This is all in service of finding a streamlined, highly efficient delivery model. We don't just accept the normal construction methodology; we shoot higher, we think deeper and we push harder. Every time. Go XL or go home!”

Whether turning out a gorgeous 800-square-metre fit-out for music giant BMG in just 12 weeks, or creating and completing the build out of a café for Joe and the Juice at the Sydney Domestic Airport in less time than it would’ve taken a traditional builder to spec the plans for the project, SMLXL is determined to stay well ahead of the curve.

“From the first time we meet a client we work with them to fully understand their needs and requirements from a design and operational standpoint,” Ossip stressed. “Their issues and concerns become our challenges to solve, and we thrive on the development of these bespoke solutions.” SMLXL’s curated customer experience keeps customers coming back to help build their emerging brand.

The company’s eclectic mix of clients, from retailers and healthcare firms to financial institutions, realtors, boutique hotels, and beyond, each present a unique set of needs. “Our aim is to work with clients with a strong presence across a diverse range of industries. Whether it be finance or hospitality, we strive to work with those at the forefront of their industry. We aim to be the best in our field and partner with those who are the best in theirs,” he added.

In a highly competitive space, SMLXL is finding that small means mighty. Their XS division takes on projects coming in at $200,000 or under, offering minimal disruption with lightning fast turnover. “If you have XS – extra small – time to transform your space but don’t have XS – excess – budget, our XS team is the perfect solution.” Ossip affirmed.

He estimated that 35 per cent of SMLXL’s business comes from building owners seeking to upgrade existing facilities, from refreshing lobby areas to rethinking workspaces that fit today’s expectations for comfort and flexibility.

“People spend as much time in the office as they spend at home, so we try to make the offices as they like,” he said. “We create meeting spaces where they can meet in a casual environment; we do hot desks, stand-up desks, and create interactive office spaces where people are relating to each other, and they're comfortable, and not actually just sitting there in a bubble.”

smlxl projects, the venture magazineWe get the feeling that if a customer wants to create an office where folks work upside down, SMLXL will find a way to make it happen. In fact, the firm recently completed Kafnu at The Mill, the cutting-edge co-working and hotel brand making its Australian debut in Sydney. “Customers can work, play, sleep, repeat,” Ossip enthused.

“Our people and culture are our biggest asset and essentially the key messengers of our vision, values, and delivery model.  Representation of our brand via our steadfast team is a critical element for us,” Ossip concluded. “We have strong client loyalty due to the robust relationships formed with the SMLXL team and the highly efficient delivery model we plan and then execute. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it.

“SMLXL is big and bold, whilst still maintaining a focus on the small details which makes us different, personable and certainly memorable.”