Building for the Future-Boss MagazineEstablished in 1972, ADCO Constructions has since grown to become one of Australia’s leading national construction companies. With more than 3,000 projects under their belt worth a combined value of more than $8 billion, they have currently expanded to 6 offices serving all of Australia. Under the experienced guidance of Managing Director Richard Carmont, their organization has made its way onto Australia’s list of the top 100 private companies in the nation.

The company’s projects, typically turning out $1 million to $150 million, come from an extensive blue chip client base including well-known institutions and high-end private firms along with federal, state and local government agencies. Because of their strong commitment to client satisfaction, 80 percent of those have become repeat clients. The remaining 20 percent of their business can be attributed to essential word-of-mouth advertising gained via the prominent reputation they have built in the construction industry.

Managing Director Richard Carmont
As Managing Director of ADCO Constructions for almost 25 years, Richard Carmont brings a number of essential attributes to the table spanning the full range of the industry. A strong background in finance and accounting, cost planning, management and control give the company and its clients a considerable edge from the beginning. These skills ensure the company keeps expenditures at a minimum and are substantially responsible for ADCO’s current debt-free status. At the same time, they allow clients to go into contracts knowing their projects will be completed at or under budget.
Carmont states, “ADCO’s success is built on a companywide focus on commitment to our client, the highest ethical standards, teamwork and best practice. ADCO’s team strive to understand our client’s organization, their people and its goals. By understanding our client we insure that we can meet their expectations and add value to their business. Our goal of a satisfied client on every project has resulted in lasting relationships which have been the key to ADCO’s growth over the years.”

Carmont’s skills come into play before projects begin as his experience also covers project estimation and bidding as well as quantity surveying along with contract negotiation, procurement and management. As the assignments roll in, his knowledge of real estate development, value engineering, strategic planning, project control and pre-construction design management take effect. From that point, Carmont’s understanding of concrete, construction and management, commercial management, refurbishing and subcontracting see projects through to completion.

Throughout the construction process, his construction safety training helps ensure risks are avoided while training in green building helps the company adhere to strict environmental guidelines. Carmont’s education and experience help him guide personnel in providing clients quality and cost-effectiveness. ADCO Constructions’ low employee turnover rate nurtures strong working relationships among crews and with clients, while reducing costs associated with new-hire training.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives
ADCO is certainly committed to continual improvement in every facet of their company as they have been from the beginning. The world of construction and engineering are constantly advancing and they strive to keep up with the latest products and strategies. Due to their extensive connections, they have consistent access to cutting-edge building materials as they reach the market.

Innovations in construction techniques are also high on their list of priorities, and they make every effort to learn such strategies as they emerge. ADCO ensures all members of their team are well versed in effective execution of new strategies as well as the most efficient ways to incorporate new products into these practices. These standards are evident in their work, and their exemplary record of satisfaction proves clients appreciate those efforts.

Technology is at the forefront of all industries, and construction is no different. Perhaps most crucial in their technological arsenal is a state-of-the-art integrated management system. In essence, this system creates inter-communication with all aspects of their business to ensure seamless project completion. As the system is updated, so are those employees who interact with it. This guarantees the system works to the utmost advantage of the company and its clients.

Supply Chain Management
ADCO’s IMS is designed to make cross references among all operational prerequisites before proceeding with any leg of their projects. One aspect of this is their Quality Management System, which adheres to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 requirements. Through stringent compliance with these regulations, they have gained third party endorsements from NCS.

The company places a great deal of emphasis on green practices; as such, they have earned a place among the Green Building Council of Australia. Without regard for AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 standards, they could not retain this position, nor could they continue to develop the associated short and long term economic benefits for clients as well as their own staff and clientele. Furthermore, compliance with national environmental standards reduces their carbon footprint and helps preserve the nation for future generations. This is where the Environmental Management branch of their system comes into play.

Both facets come together to monitor every vendor in their supply chain. Unless their products meet or exceed the same standards to which the company holds itself, they simply do not conduct business with them. By managing the businesses they decide to work with in their supply chain, they are able to foster their commitment to quality and environmentally friendly construction. Managing Director Carmont’s strengths in these areas combine with the IMS to ensure they consistently reach their ultimate goal of client satisfaction.

People Management
Building for the Future-Boss MagazineEfficient crew management requires effective communication down the chain of command as well as high levels of organization. Although numerous other components factor in, those two are key to successful project completion and following through with cost-effective operational strategies. Carmont’s professional attributes help ADCO Constructions excel in these areas as well.

The Occupational Health and Safety Management portion of their IMS is certified to AS4801:2001 standards and assesses all risk associated with the various aspects of their projects. Based on system-generated reports exclusive to each project, the company is able to manage those potential risks. With Carmont’s knowledge of construction safety, they are able to work out strategies to control risk and even eliminate it.

All their crew members receive thorough safety training and are required to hold industry certification before being allowed to work in the field. Aside from safety assurance, their quality and environmental standards also filter down through engineers, subcontractors, construction crews and all others involved in their projects. Constant monitoring and prompt communication aid in keeping all projects on task.

Richard Carmont states, “Our staff focus on working together with our clients, consultants and subcontractors in a nonadversarial manner to deliver projects on time and budget. Mutual respect and open communication between all team members provides the foundation for our success.”

Key Projects
ADCO’s construction projects can be found throughout all of Australia and encompass facilities in the commercial, retail, industrial, education, healthcare, leisure and aquatic sectors as well as numerous other community buildings and interior renovations. Some of their notable undertakings of the past include:
Hawthorn Leisure and Aquatic Centre
• Caboolture Hub
Diamond Creek Stadium
• The Maureen Tudehope Building of Kincoppal Girls School
• Virgin Active of Melbourne
• RAS Exhibition Pavilion
• The Pharmacare Warehouse and Head Office
• Investments

At ADCO Constructions, continual investments are made to insure all members of their team remain current on tactics relevant to their positions. This is true of everyone from top executives right down to highly skilled laborers. Staying on top of the latest developments is crucial to delivering the quality services and project completion clients have come to expect from them.

Currently, the company has capitol vested in a number of future projects across Australia with a total projected value of $950 million. Some of these include:
• Victoria University Student Accommodation of Footscray
• Bunnings of Gungahlin
• Costco in Islington
• Northern Beaches Community Health Centre

These are only a few of the projects for which they currently hold contracts. Considerable portions of the profits gleaned from those undertakings will be invested back into the company to further their improvement initiatives and better the communities surrounding their offices.

In Conclusion
A firm financial standing backed by unparalleled customer satisfaction will, no doubt, propel ADCO Constructions to future success. Having seen a record year in 2014, they took in unprecedented revenue of $672 million, which was a 33 percent increase over the previous year. They believe their recent expansion is responsible for this boost; moreover, continual commitment to quality and satisfaction are certain to drive their expansion further in the years to come. Seeing clients from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting and beyond is a privilege and a vital component of their past, present and future success.