VENTURE (a Digital Ink Brand) is a magazine for executives and future executives who possess a passion for excellence in both their professional and personal spheres. VENTURE delivers critical insider information on industries such as technology, mining, healthcare, construction, energy, manufacturing, supply chain, and food & drink. VENTURE contains all of this along with lifestyle and travel articles that make it the only publication you need to follow the trends that shape business and leisure.

VENTURE is aimed at Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region. We cover long-established and startup companies alike, analysing how they navigate the ever-changing waters of business in the digital age. We also realise that you have a life outside of the office, so we deliver insightful stories on luxe brands, travel, and other leisure pursuits. Find all your industry and lifestyle news in the pages of VENTURE.

Our unique team wanted to move away from traditional B2B content and marketing strategies and add a little extra cool to the industry. With over 25 years of experience with B2B journalism, business news, marketing and advertising we are always at the forefront of moving industry trends.

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